Jed Appelrouth

About the Artist

Jed Appelrouth's artistic journey began when he first opened up Ul De Rico's The Rainbow Goblins, at the age of 7. He was so inspired by the fantastically colorful images that he took up the brush to attempt to recreate the images within the book. He has been painting and drawing ever since. He began his formal training in earnest at the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy during the summer of 1997. He has further developed his abilities through classes at the University of Pennsylvania and the Spruill Center for the Arts.

Throughout his artistic life, Jed has always returned to the landscape for inspiration. Jed has painted scenery from southern France to central Italy, from the coast of Quebec to the American southwest. During his year of service in AmeriCorps, in 1999, he had the honor of leading a large-scale Mural project in Taos, New Mexico. His first solo exhibition took place in December, 2000 at the Hamsa Gallery in Decatur, Ga. His second solo exhibition took place at Pace Academy's Fine Art Center in November, 2003. From 2004-2007, he displayed select works at the Royal Gallery in Norcross and Fosters Gallery in Midtown.

In his life away from the studio, Jed operates a private tutoring business, Appelrouth Tutoring Services, where he and his staff help prepare students and adults to master the art of standardized test-taking and achieve academic success. Jed is also a Nationally Certified Counselor and is a doctoral student in Educational Psychology at Georgia State University.